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Apple Magic Mouse

With Multi-Touch Surface
The gesture controls to navigate thru OSX multi-touch aware applications like iPhoto, Cover-Flow and others makes the Magic Mouse a fine improvement to the previous generation MightyMouse. The multi touch sensitive surface and laser tracking is state of the art. The MagicMouse's white and aluminum casing goes with many recent and older Apple computers. NOTE: The MagicMouse REQUIRES OSX Leopard 10.5.8 and higher! So if you're still running OSX 10.4 Tiger look to these replacement Apple mice instead.

Wacom Wireless Touchpad

Multi-Touch & Pen Input

Mac Bluetooth Keyboard With Integrated TrackPad

Adesso Easy Slim Touch Keyboard

Built-In Mac TrackPad

You might try eBay for deals on other touch sensitive trackpad accessories:

Wireless RF Frequency Trackpads and Input Peripherals For Macintosh

There are other kinds of 'Wireless' trackpads and mice that don't use Bluetooth. They use 2.4Ghz RF radio frequencies to transmit data. They normally come bundled with a proprietary RF USB transmitter. These imply using up Yet-Another USB port on your Macintosh and the USB transmitters are specific to the brand of mouse it comes with. However, Logitech provides a 'Universal' multi-channel RF receiver dongle with many of it's wireless accessories - so that a single dongle can talk to several different Logitech peripherals. However, taking advantage of a Mac's built-in Bluetooth is usually wiser if your Macintosh desktop or laptop already has a Bluetooth receiver built-in. Some Mac users might experience interference with Bluetooth devices, a Macintosh compatible RF mouse and keyboard might perform more reliably. Especially look at Logitech's line of RF wireless accessories for Macintosh which provide UNIVERSAL from just one RF USB dongle.

Apple Wireless Trackpad

Apple's latest MagicTrackpad incarnation is impressive - and a joy to use. The same Multi-Touch technology introduced on the iPhone is used in the "Magic Trackpad". Click anywhere, scroll in any direction, and swipe, pinch, rotate and zoom through images on its smooth, seamless tracking surface. It works wirelessly using Bluetooth, so you don’t have to worry about cables or adapters cluttering your workspace. (You just have to futz with occasional battery replacement / recharging every so often.)